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At Canadian Prescription Drugs Inc., our goal is simple. We want to save you money on your medications. We provide simple, reliable and affordable solutions for your prescription drugs needs. We can save you up to 80% on Health Canada approved medications, delivered safely and directly to your door. With our network of licensed Canadian pharmacies we provide you the best price and quality service. Since 2000, we've helped thousands of people. Let us help you.

Your prescriptions are filled by our licensed pharmacists after being reviewed by a licensed Canadian physician, ensuring that the medications we supply to you are in accordance with your doctor's instructions.

We are not an anonymous Internet pharmacy. Our Canadian pharmacies are certified and are members of the Manitoba and British Columbia Pharmacy Association. We facilitate the delivery of prescription medications only if you provide all the required documentation.

All of our Canadian pharmacists are regulated, monitored and licensed by the Provincial College of Pharmacists.

We invite you to get to know the real people behind Canadian Prescription Drugs Inc. Once you get to know us, you will then understand what we mean when we say real people.

Professional Accreditations
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Actos $205.52
Lipitor $164.47
Nexium $81.28
Domperidone $22.47
Amlodipine $69.33
Crestor $124.22
Tamsulosin $65.06
Premarin $16.48
Evista $136.55
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